Major League Triathlon is the first and only professional triathlon league in the United States. The best male and female athletes in the world compete against each other in a unique swim-bike-run team event. Held in major cities across the US, MLT pros compete in pop-up “stadiums”, allowing for a viewer experience unlike anything before seen in sport. Major League Triathlon is more than just a race; it’s a show.

MLT events feature Professional racing. Teams feature 2 Pro men and 2 Pro women racing the Super Sprint Mixed Team Relay Format at every event stop. Each athlete will complete a 300 meter swim, 4 mile looped bike course, and 1 mile run before tagging off to their teammate.  First team to have all four athletes across the line wins.

In 2018, MLT introduced the ambassador team program and is opened up the Professional franchises to include amateur athletes. In 2019, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to represent their cities/states proudly. Ambassador athletes will receive exclusive gear that is only available to the pros and the ambassadors, swag from MLT sponsors, monthly sponsored meet ups, VIP experiences and much more. 

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The idea of Major League Triathlon started with a simple sentence from my wife, “I love you and I love that you are so committed to triathlon, but, this is so difficult for me as a spectator. “ I didn’t fully understand what Sarah (my wife) had meant until I watched her first triathlon several weeks later. It was the first and only triathlon that I had ever watched as a spectator. She was right. Waking up at 5am, driving 30 minutes to the site, waiting for the race to start, seeing her for (maybe) 10 seconds at each transition, and waiting patiently at the finish line for her to finish. I have competed in over 60 triathlons (Sprint, Olympic, 70.3) and that felt like the longest day I ever had at a race. A simple thought was born: “Triathlon needs a change”.

Triathlon is and always has been an individual and, quite honestly, a selfish sport. We (athletes) spend hours each week training for races, spend money on expensive equipment and somehow find ways to turn a destination race into a “family vacation”. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sport wholeheartedly and I have spent some of the best years of my life training and racing. The problem is that triathlon needs to be more accessible for both participants and spectators.

MLT has addressed this by adopting the most spectator friendly format in the sport and “Americanized” it by creating a team based league whose teams represent cities, similar to other professional sports. This structure is not only spectator friendly, but also incredibly television friendly; with the entire race taking roughly 70 minutes in total of non-stop action. We want to bring the sport to the mainstream. We want to lower the barrier of entry into the sport. We want to grow the sport on an amateur level. Most importantly, we are developing youth programs to encourage participation of our sport’s future. 

Major League Triathlon is committed to bettering the sport of triathlon. We hope you join us!


Daniel Cassidy
Chief Executive Officer | Major League Triathlon